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The times they are a-changing-we’re re-branding!

looney creations logo

We're Rebranding!

Some of you know us as Looney Creations! For the past number of  years we have been making and selling our creations under the Looney Creations name.( The name came from the area where one of our workshop is located-Collooney in Co Sligo!).

We have decided for a number of reasons that the time has come to move to a different name, so from now on we are going to be trading as (if you want to know where the name comes from, drop us an e-mail!) and the first sign of the change in branding is this, our spanking new website featuring the items that we have been creating over the past few years.

With this new website we are hoping, with your support of course, to continue to build on the range of products that we have been designing and making in our workshops in Colooney and Achill Island. We make everything from coasters to tide clocks from driftwood and slate.We customise lots of our items so that we make truly unique gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many other special occasions.

So from here on in-this will be our new logo. We look forward to many years of making great products for all your gift needs.

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